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Construction Services

Beran Environmental Services has provided resource construction and restoration services since it's onset.  We are continually recognized as leading experts in the field for our work on dam removal projects, stream construction and restoration, wetland mitigation and restoration, stream bank stabilization, bio-engineering projects, and pond construction and rehabilitation. Our own fleet of highly specialized construction equipment has been selected specifically for resource construction in order to minimize disturbance and maximize efficiency. Design/build capabilities allow us to provide additional cost savings opportunities by reducing the size of your paper trail.

Stream Replacement & Rehabilitation:
Beran Environmental Services is experienced in the design and implementation of stream relocation projects, stream restoration projects, bank stabilization using bio-engineering, and in stream habitat improvement.


Pond Repair:
Beran Environmental Services has successfully remediated a variety of problems associated with pond failure including muskrat damage, breastwork leaks, and outlet maintenance. Beran Environmental Services can provide problem identification, remediation recommendation, and implementation.

Wetland Mitigation:
Beran Environmental Services has successfully constructed dozens of mitigation wetlands often providing the mitigation design and permitting, construction, planting and monitoring. Additionally, Beran Environmental Services has successfully implemented remedial measures on mitigation wetlands that fail to meet stated mitigation criteria.

Canoe Launches:
Beran Environmental Services has constructed several canoe launches utilizing natural materials and taking advantage of bank/stream features most appropriate for access while minimizing unnecessary earth and vegetation disturbance.

Dam Removal:
Beran Environmental Services has successfully removed numerous low head dams designated as hazardous and impeding the natural flow of the associated waterway. Most of the dam removal projects completed by Beran Environmental Services included stream restoration activities in the area formerly occupied by the dam pool.

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