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Services Offered

Beran Environmental Services maintains a diverse staff of environmental professionals, including engineering and design experts, scientists, and construction experts who are committed to providing our growing list of clients with a full suite of environmental consulting, engineering, construction, and ecological services.  We have provided quality environmental compliance and consulting services for over twenty-five years, offering a range of service capabilities which allow us to fulfill the diverse needs of each project.

Our early consultancy began as a resource construction and restoration company with a broad knowledge of biological sciences, bioengineering, and, resource management.  We continue to build upon this background, assuring that accepted scientific methods and informed engineering and design methods provide the backbone for all of our environmental compliance and consulting services.

Some of our service capabilities include:

  • Environmental Permitting
    • Joint Application for PA Water Obstruction and Encroachment Permits
    • PADEP General Permits
    • Erosion and Sedimentation Control General Permits (ESCGP-2) to include PCSM and SR Plan Preparation
    • Well Drilling Permits
    • Chapter 105.12 Waiver Requests
    • USACE Individual and General Permits
    • NPDES Permits
    • PNDI Correspondence
    • PHMC Correspondence
    • (PennDOT) Highway Occupancy Permits (HOPs)
  • Ecological and Scientific Services
    • Wetland Delineation and Reporting
    • Wetland Mitigation Design
    • Wetland Monitoring
    • Stream Delineation
    • Stream and Watershed Assessments
    • Macroinvertebrate Assessment
    • Botanical Surveys for Rare, Threatened, Endangered, and Sensitive Species
    • Invasive Species Plant Surveys
    • Vegetation Management
    • Invasive Plant Control
    • Infiltration Testing
  • Engineering and Design
    • Drafting
    • Post Construction Stormwater Management
    • Site Identification and Prioritization
    • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans
    • ArcGIS Mapping
    • Site Design and Location Selection
    • Wetland and Stream Design
  •  Land Surveying
    • Property Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys
    • Well Drilling Surveys
  • Construction
    • Dam Removal
    • Wetland Construction
    • Wetland Restoration
    • Wetland Enhancement
    • Wetland Planting
    • Riparian Habitat Enhancement
    • Fish Habitat Structures
    • Stream Channel Stabilization
    • Bioengineering
    • Stream Realignment
    • Stream Relocation
    • Complete Stream Restoration
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