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Stream Services

Beran Environmental Services has completed numerous successful stream projects including stream and watershed assessments, stream realignment, relocation, and restoration. Beran Environmental Services obtained final regulatory approval on over 5,000 feet of relocated stream in Erie County, PA. Our service capabilities relating to streams include project design, permitting, construction, construction supervision, vegetation selection, planting, and monitoring. Beran Environmental Services strives to provide functional low impact solutions to projects of all sizes. Our fleet of construction equipment allows for maximum flexibility with minimal impact. By designing site specific custom solutions for projects, ecologically sound habitat is created, balancing human as well as environmental concerns.



Utilizing bioengineering principles, Beran Environmental Services has been involved in stream creation and stream bank stabilization projects that include the design and/or installation of:

  • Wattles
  • Live Stakes
  • Dormant Posts
  • Crib Walls
  • Longitudinal Peaked Stone Toe Protection
  • Rootwads
  • Live Siltation
  • Live Whips
  • Log Vanes

Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assessment

Beran Environmental Services has provided macroinvertebrate assessments for environmental assessments relating to permitting, mitigation monitoring and watershed and stream assessments.

Benthic macroinvertebrate assessments provide a way to determine long-term water quality of streams. Personnel of Beran Environmental Services are experienced in the collection, identification, and analysis of benthic macroinvertebrates.

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