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 Dam Removal

Although water powered mills did play an important role in American history, it is now known that many of these abandoned structures have had dramatic impacts on the waters in which they were built.  Beran Environmental Services has positioned itself as a leading expert in dam removal and stream restoration, working closely with landowners, non-profit organizations, and the regulatory community.  Our team of scientists, engineers, and construction specialists offer a full suite of services that address the chemical, physical, and biological alterations associated with dams and their impoundments.  We provide stream and watershed assessments, macroinvertebrate surveys, land surveys, engineering and design, permitting, sediment sampling, dam removal, and a host of restoration capabilities.

Below are just a few of our many successful dam removal and stream restoration projects.

Smethport Reservoir Dam Removal

Smethport Reservoir Dam was located on Blacksmith Run, a small stream with naturally reproducing wild trout. The dam was considered a threat to public safety and impediment to native trout.  BES completed a restoration plan, breech, removal, and riparian enhancement.  Additionally, through a partnership with American Rivers and Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture, an upstream culvert was replaced with a bottomless arch culvert to further encourage passage of native brook trout. 


Ellsworth Dam Removal

Ellsworth Dam located on Pigeon Creek, was trapping sediment and debris as well as diverting stream flows toward a railroad embankment.  BES completed a restoration design, dam removal and concurrent sediment removal, and a stream re-alignment.


Bendigo Dam Removal

The Bendigo Dam was located in Bendigo State Park across the East Branch Clarion River - an approved trout water which is stocked by PA Fish and Boat Commission. This approximately 200-foot long cut-stone and concrete dam not only interrupted the natural flow dynamics of the stream but had also begun to deteriorate sufficiently to create safety concerns. 

Following drawdown, sediment was removed from the eastern bank and areas around the thalweg to reduce the mobilization and downstream transport of sediments as part of a sediment management plan.  In addition to notable sediment removed, the photos above show the construction of a modified mud sill cribbing constructed to stabilize the banks and provide fishing access.

Construction of a handicap accessible fishing pier now allows park visitors access to improved stream habitat.  The cross vane shown below directs the current toward the pier and cribbing to provide additional water depth cover.

A rock cross vane (left) was installed at the convergence of two channels, directing the thalweg closer to the fishing pier and cribbing to improve fish habitat and increase public angling opportunities.  A log faced stone deflector (right) was installed downstream of the cross vane to provide a calm eddy for fish while maintaining the desired stream flow pattern.

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